Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to compile a list of answers to questions you may have (and even those you don't yet know you will have) about how we work.

The Basics:

Do you travel outside London for weddings?

Yes of course we will travel to virtually any part of the earth you need us to. Just let us know where and we’ll work out a detailed proposal for you.

What cameras do you use?

We use professional Canon DSLR cameras, coupled with several top of the range professional lenses, and a host of lighting gear and modifiers. However, unlike many wedding blogs will have you believe, the cameras don’t really matter that much. Simply because it’s not the cameras that create the images. This is just like eating a nice meal and asking the chef what type of pot he used!!

Do you have insurance?

Yes, a pretty large 7-figure liability insurance, which can be provided for any venue that requires it. How soon do we need to reserve our date? Like after reading this. Lately we’re getting quite a number of brides book us more than a year in advance, and coupled with all the postponed 2020 weddings, it’s getting trickier getting dates.

Do you offer discounts for weekday or Sunday weddings?

When the pressure is light, we may sometimes have weekday discounts. Contact us for details about that.

Before the Day:

How will we reserve our wedding date?

Once we receive your signed contract and the non-refundable retainer, we will then stop marketing your date to other clients.

Can we pay part before and part after the wedding?

I’m afraid not. All payments must be received in full before the date. The balance will be due three weeks prior to the wedding date. For certain logistic reasons, we really need to stick by this, and on the day, we’d rather be thinking about beauty and love, rather than about when, and if we’ll get our balance. Definitely not a great recipe for creativity.

What happens after the booking?

We’ll start pre wedding consultations leading up to the day. Further, if included in your package, a date is arranged for the pre wedding/engagement photo session.

We live out of town, how will this affect our consultations?

While we would love to meet up before the day, busy schedules and distance may prevent that. However all decisions can he handled remotely through the phone, email or Skype.

Where and when will the pre wedding/engagement shoot take place?

It’ll normally take place somewhere in London. I’m happy to explore any location you may have in mind, however if you don’t, my favorite shooting location is on the streets of Central London. There are always loads of interesting backdrops to work with. Within almost any one mile walking radius you can find parks, old listed London, as well as the modern glass and steel London. If on the other hand you’d like your session outside London, that can be arranged, however we may have to charge you for travel and possibly accommodation. Also, due to having to shoot events over the weekend, most of our engagement sessions take place during the week, or on Sundays. Sometimes though, we do manage to arrange a Saturday shoot.

Do you provide video services as well?

Not yet. While we like to concentrate on what we do best, we are currently working on adding cinematography to our services, but we aren’t quite there yet. If you need more information, kindly let us know.

Can we alter our booking requirements after booking?

I’m afraid once the contract is signed, we can’t alter the requirements or pricing downward. You can only add to it, so please kindly be sure of your requirements and budget before completing the booking.

Do you charge extra for travel and hotel accommodation within the UK?

If the location is beyond the Home Counties, we will charge for accommodation. Also depending on the location, if photography is expected to start particularly early at a location that’s over an hour’s drive from London, or if the event finishes at unsuitable hours, and is further than an hour’s drive from London, then reasonable overnight accommodation will be charged at cost. We won’t ask for the best hotels, but at we’d love some place where beds are soft and our cameras and your images are safe. For weddings over two hours away from London, we will be asking for 2 nights accommodation. 

On the Day:

What time will you be arriving on the day?

We normally get to the bridal prep venue about an hour and a half before the ceremony time. We’ll try to capture the general atmosphere, with all the chatting and laughing. We photograph the dress and accessories, and then the bride and groom portrait session. If for some reason, you need us to be there earlier, we’ll need to know this before the day. If groom prep is to be photographed as well, we recommend you both get ready in the same hotel, or you request a second shooter, or you book one of the collections that come with two photographers.

Will you be needing parking information on the day?

Yes please. We normally drive, and it would be great if parking information or a reservation is made available to us. Remember, at the church and reception, while you can park in front of the venue, we on the other hand will need to go find parking space first, and then come set up, before you make your entrance. If you’re running late already, things may then get a bit complicated.

What type of photography will you be doing?

While we will take out time to pose the bride, groom and bridal party for their portrait shots, we are journalistic in our approach, which means we are there to bear witnesses and document it, not to direct. During the day, we’ll go around the discreetly capturing you and your guests as you chat, laugh, drink, scream, cry and dance.

As documentary photographers, we normally will shoot absolutely everything that occurs on the day, and that includes both the good, and the not so good, if any. We try our best not to involve ourselves with the day’s proceedings, and instead just capture them as they occur. If you’re hiring us based on the type of images you’ve seen on our blog, on the day, we may need you to just give us that creative freedom to tell your story as we see it.

I also need to mention here, that for us wedding photography isn’t a mass portrait session, and as such everyone will not be photographed. While we’ll try and capture as many guests as possible, our goals are to document happenings on the day, not faces present.

Is it important to have a second shooter on the day?

While a single photographer can capture your day, it’s always advisable to have a second/back-up shooter to ensure no incredible moments are missed. While one focuses on the father of the bride’s speech for example, the other can focus on reactions from the bride or guests, thus creating a more compelling story of your day, which means you’ll end up with an amazing collection of different images to choose from. Of course this has no impact on the number of images you’ll get.

Do you work with an assistant on the day?

Sometimes we do, but they are there to help me on the day, so ideally won’t be taking pictures. Unlike second shooters who are paid, assistants are unpaid apprentices who are there to help me in return for work experience.

Are you comfortable working with other photographers hired by other family members?

No I'm afraid not. While we’ll work with them if you insist, there are chances they may appear in your photos, or chances their different lighting methods may affect your photos one way or another. If you have a family member looking to invite a personal photographer, it may be advisable to have them contact us, and we’ll provide one for them. We have several photographers we work with, and we all understand how to work seamlessly together.

How about the traditional formal group shots?

We strongly believe in family group pictures, mainly of parents and siblings. What’s a bit tricky here is the extended list of former classmates, village age group members, Saturday morning jogging group members, church groups, baking club members, etc. These take up a lot of time and detract from our photojournalistic creativity. We’ll normally insist you write up a very short shoot-list of about 10, and on the day, arrange for the MC or a family member to help gather necessary guests for the pre arranged photographs. Keeping this list short, allows more time for the more creative portraits of the bride, groom and the bridal train.

How much time do you need for the creative portraits?

We normally have two important creative portrait sessions on the day. One is for the bridal (and groom) portraits, when she (he) is fresh out of dressing up. For this I’ll need about an hour. Especially if you’re getting ready in a particularly nice hotel with loads of lovely backgrounds (corridors, stairwells, bars, etc.) to use for portraits. The other is for the bride, groom and bridal train portraits. For this we’d love 2 hours. We need to stress here; the more time we have for these, the better the images. We need time to scout locations, set up lights and direct poses. In simple terms, you can’t get those absolutely beautiful portraits done in a hurry.

What do you do about eating on the day?

As we will be with you all day, it would be really nice if we were invited to eat. You’ll probably need us energized as we run around documenting your day, I’m sure you wouldn’t want tired, blurry images. Obviously, we don’t take pictures while guests have their mouths full, so we prefer to eat at the same time as the guests. This is also so that we’ll be done on time, and ready to resume shooting once the activities resume. If on the other hand food won’t be provided, that’s fine as well, we definitely won’t take it out on you, but we’d greatly appreciate it if we are told beforehand, so that we can make plans to drive out for a quick bite as you have yours.

How long will you stay with us on our wedding day?

From experience, most weddings are done in about 10 hours, and normally this should cover all the key moments of the reception. If for some reason you need us to stay longer, that can be arranged.

After the Day:

How long will it take to get our images?

Your images will be ready about 4 to 6 weeks after your wedding. We will initially upload the images unto a password protected web gallery for you to view, and share with friends and family. How many images will we be getting? From a regular white wedding, there will be a minimum of 600 images, but depending on the hours, it may sometimes be a bit more. Also, when we present your images, that’s all we have. Any image you expected but didn’t see, has been deleted, and for a good reason.

Please note: Like I mentioned earlier, we cannot take pictures of all your guests. With our approach to telling the day’s story, it’s simply not possible regardless of how many photographers you hire. Our focus is always on the story, not the faces. We need to be free to look out for, and capture all those little moments that make your day special. However, if there are specific people you’d like us to photograph, you will have to arrange for us to do that sometime during the day.

Will the images be edited before presentation?

All images are individually assessed for color and tone, cropped, sharpened, contrast levels, saturation and tones are adjusted and color and noise reduced or increased where necessary. Our edits are final, and we can’t entertain requests to re-edit for any reason. However, if albums or wall art are ordered, the selected images are further edited, and to an extent, digitally manipulated for print.

Is there an extra charge for this service?

No, there isn’t. If however you’d love backgrounds changed, bellies turned into six packs, 28 year old facial skin turned into baby skin, objects removed from pictures, I’m afraid that doesn’t fall under editing. That’s digital manipulation, which we are also pretty good at, however this will come at an additional charge per image.

Will we get the full resolution digital negatives?

Yes, at the moment you will get the raw high-resolution digital files as part of your package. You’ll be able to download them via the online gallery.

Can we buy the full copyright to our images?

Yes you can. Based on UK’s copyright laws, your photography payment gives you limited copyright to the images, which includes sharing and printing as you please. However, for a flat fee, which is outlined on the contract, you can purchase the full rights to all the images, for which we’ll then send you all the RAW files to do as you please. We will then give up all rights to the images, and delete them all from our drives.

How many photographs make a great storybook album?

Albums can be anything from 30 pages up to 80 pages, and can contain about 40 to 120 images respectively (we normally multiply the page count by 1.5 to arrive at a target image count). However, if you need upwards of 120 images, it will be advisable to increase the album page count, or to make a second album volume.

Do we select images for the album?

We normally like to maintain creative control of the whole design process, because we shoot with the album in mind. However we’ll give you an opportunity to select a couple of your favorites to be included.

Are album design changes allowed? and will you be charging for them?

Album designs can be reviewed free of charge up to three times. After this, there will be a charge of £30 per review.

Do album prices remain the same regardless of when I order the album?

We normally like to have the album delivered at most 6 months after he wedding. If for some reason you cause a delay in the process, prices will remain the same up until the end of the year of your wedding. We review prices annually to reflect our album manufacturer’s reviews, and if, prices have gone up, then I’m afraid, you’ll be subject to the new prices.

How long will our album take to arrive?

Albums normally take about ten to sixteen weeks from placing your order till delivery at our end. We ship off albums for manufacture every 3-4 months, so it’ll depend on when you approve the design. How will we get our album? They will be shipped by registered delivery, and postal prices are already included in the cost.

What other presentation options are there?

We have a variety of beautiful and lasting fine art presentation options. Parent’s albums and coffee table books are available from £250, while fine art prints, framed prints and wall decors cost anywhere between £100 and £1200. Full details are available on request.

Do you photograph anything else in addition to weddings?

Yes. We are available for portrait sessions, and that includes maternity, new born, children, family, parties or pets!

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