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Nigerian Wedding Photographers

I'm a portrait and wedding photographer working out of London. With my team, we are available for commissions all over the UK, Europe, Dubai, United States, Africa. Over the years we have worked our way to becoming one of London's top award winning wedding photojournalists specialising in Nigerian weddings, African and Nigerian traditional weddings, Afro Caribbean weddings and Multicultural weddings. Over the years, we've documented quite a number of Zimbabwean weddings, Ugandan Weddings, Ghana Weddings as well as Asian Weddings.

We've also won quite a number of awards for our wedding photojournalism from the Wedding Photojournalist Association, and are currently one of London's top award winning photographer. I've also got a couple of awards from Fearless Photographers as well. If you want to learn more about documentary wedding photojournalism click here: wedding photojournalism.

In the meantime, I'm afraid, I don't have any emotional story about getting a camera as my 10th birthday present, or how my father before me was a photographer.

I'm a regular IT consultant who a couple of years back, simply came across some amazing images online, and a passion was ignited. So after loads photography books and training videos, thousands of images shot, countless hours on photo forums, and several years later, here I am, using my God given talent to do what I simply love doing ...

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